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Academic Infrastructure & Facilities


The college has adequate physical and academic facilities required as per University Grant Commission guidelines to rundifferent academic programs.The Classrooms, Laboratories and Seminar Halls are well equipped along with computing system and Internet facility. Besides the building, the college has spacious playground for sports activities. The college has cultivated an atmosphere giving importance to extra curricular and support services organized by departments of National Service Scheme and National Cadet Corps. . The college campus is maintained with clean and neat surroundings. The college is well-equipped with the physical and technology-enabled infrastructure that supports to run the existing academic programmes and administration smoothly.

 Well-furnished 24 classrooms.

 13 ICT enabled classrooms (04 in 2018; 07 in 2019; 10 in 2021; 13 in 2023)

 05 ICT enabled laboratories. (03 in 2018; 05 in 2022)

 Spacious seating arrangements with the qualitative furniture.

 Cleanliness, light and ventilation facilities are maintained in the classroom and laboratories.

 Black Boards, White Boards and Green Boards are available in the classrooms.

 A well-furnished computerized administrative office.

 Well-equipped 10 Laboratories  in the departments like Chemistry, Botany, Geology, Zoology, Computer, Home Science, Psychology, Geography and Drawing.

02 Well ventilated Auditorium and Seminar Hall with ICT facilities.


Criteria 4.1.1

Year 2021-22
Year 2020-21


Criteria 4.1.2

The Institution has adequate facilities for cultural activities, sports, games (indoor) and gymnasium. The college organizesits own sports competitions. We give its detail below:

A) Sports Facilities: Our college encourages various sports activities. A number of players haveplayed district, university, state and even national level games. Some of the outdoor games played in the college are: Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Handball, Cricket, Badminton, Table-Tennis.

B) Infrastructure for Yoga: Yoga day is celebrated in indoor and open space in the campus.

C) Cultural Programs:To conduct cultural activities in the college, there is a cultural committee. This committee organizes many cultural programs including literacy programs. Some interesting programs organized by the committee are debate, fancy dress, hair-dressing, rangoli, painting, mehandi, quiz, model and poster making, essay writing, slogan writing, sangeet and drama preparation, etc. There is a separate room for sangeet preparation, also, there are various music equipment in the college, which are listed below.

List of equipment in the Music room: Scale changer harmonium , Tabla, Sitar, Tanpura, Dholak, Naal, jhaal etc

D) Gymnasium: There is a separate room for Gymnasium under the sports section. The sports officer handles it carefully.

Year 2021-22
Year 2020-21


Criteria 4.1.3

Year 2021-22
Year 2020-21


4.4.2 - There are established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc. 

The institute has adequate physical, academic and support facilities. Utilization of the same is planned and monitored through a regular schedule. Systematic procedures and policies are defined for maintaining these facilities through in-house or external agencies. Every equipment purchased is entered and monitored through a stock register.There are two standing committees for purchase and maintenance of equipment and infrastructure.

Laboratory- Equipments and chemicals are purchased on the demand and availability of funds. Stock verification of equipment is completed at the end of every academic year.

Library- College has purchased books and journals as per the grant released for it.Stock verification of books are completed at the end of every academic year by a physical verification committee appointed by principal.

Sports Complex- The Physical Education department has gymnasium and playground for outdoor games, ground is maintained through daily wage workers and the goods are purchased as per the demand through GEM portal.

The classrooms are well equipped with ICT facilities and are maintained from time to time. The institute plans and gives annual maintenance contracts for civil and other infrastructural structures as per the availability of funds from the government. The Security and surveillance services are maintained in the college premises by granting an annual contract to the service provider.

Computers: College has 72 computers and  they are provided to teachers and staff for administrative and research work.


Year 2021-22
Year 2020-21