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The vision of the college is -

  • To build an egalitarian society through women empowerment by providing access to higher education.




  • To provide women's access to higher education.
  • To encourage students to pursue excellence in all fields of learning.
  • To endeavor for allround development of students to make them self-reliant and responsible citizens.
  • To help students acquire scientific temper and outlook.
  • To make students aware of their rights and responsibilities and to inculcate in them Indian culture, values and ethics.
  • To inspire students acquire the modern skills and knowledge which are global in perspective and local in relevance.




  • "उत्तिष्ठत , जाग्रत, प्राप्य, वरान्निबोधत "  (Arise, Awake, Find Leanned People and Acquire Knowledge)