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Pragya Rangers





Rovers/Rangers are the senior wing of Scouting and Guiding. It is an international voluntary non-political educational movement for youths. Rovers/Rangers were started by founder of the scouting movement Lord Powell in 1919. Guiding started in 1909 by those girls who attended the Crystal Palace rally of Scout-Guide movement. Later, older-senior guides become the origin of Rangers. The name for seniors Guides is ‘Rangers’ was put forwarded by chief guide in the gazette in June 1920 after long discussion. Ranger means a quiet of things: to range is to set in proper order, to travel over wide distances, to guards a large forest or land etc. and thus it means that who has the broader outlook, sense of responsibility, protective duties appropriate to a senior guide known as Rangers. The official name Rangers came into existence in July 1920 at the Oxford conference.  

 Rangers are going to become a responsible citizen in near future. Ranger’s activities provide them an opportunity to take up the responsibility with confidence through training in citizenship. This training involves healthy and happy activities; to understand responsibility; to develop her personality and skills to carry out it. The training and activities of rangers are based on the fundamental principles of the scout-guide to enrich the quality of life of the individual, family and society. Ranger’s activities offers: fun and friendship; a sense of belongingness; to feel new experience; opportunities to work with others;  to lead and to make decisions; to use free time in service of community; exploring creative skills and activities and thrill and joy of various outdoor activities.


It's learning by doing!

Its adventure and fun!

It’s a way of life!


It works under the Bharat Scout & Guides New Delhi, at national level and under Uttar Pradesh Bharat Scout & Guide, Lucknow at state level. Any regular student of college/university between the age group of 16-25 years can be joined as Rover (Boy)/ Ranger (Girl). A unit consists of 24 Rovers called Rover crew and 24 Rangers called Ranger team. Government Girls’ Post Graduate College, Ghazipur Ranger Team is registerd as name of Pragya Ranger Team since 1994 in Uttar Pradesh, Bharat Scout & Guide, Lucknow at state level. It consists of 24 team members as a unit. Normally every ranger team members meet on Wednesday or on any pre planned day and time for various activities and programmes.


The purpose of the scout-guide movement is to contribute towards the development of young  people in achieving  their full Physical, Intellectual Social and Spiritual potential as an individual as well as responsible citizens and members of Local, National and International community, through several  outdoor activities, social and community service campaigns.

Principle: The Rovers /Rangers Movement is based on the following principles.

  • Duty to God: Adherence to one’s spiritual principals.
  • Duty to others & Country: Participation in the Development of society.
  • Duty to self: Responsibility for the development of oneself.

Motto: Brotherhood and Selfless Service to Others.

Methods: The Rover and Ranger method is a system of progressive self-education through:

  • A Promise and Law.
  • Learning by doing.
  • Acceptance of responsibility and training for competence through member of small groups under adult leadership.
  • Progressive and stimulating programmes of various activities based on the interest of participants.

The Promise: The promise for the Rovers/Rangers.

  • On my honour, I promise that I will do my best
  • To do my duty to God and my country.
  • To help other people and
  • To obey the Scout/Guide rules. 

The law for the Scout/Rovers and Guide/Rangers:

  • A Scout/Guide is trustworthy.
  • A Scout/Guide is loyal.
  • A Scout/Guide is a friend to all and a brother/Sister to every other scout.
  • A Scout/Guide is courteous.
  • A Scout/Guide is a friend to animals and loves nature.
  • A Scout/Guide is disciplined and helps to protect public property.
  • A Scout/Guide is courageous
  • A Scout/Guide is thrifty.
  • A Scout/Guide is pure in thought, word and deed.



Membership Qualification, Certificate and Badges:   

  • A girl whether previously guide or not, who is a citizen of India and who completed 16 years and not 25 years of age may be enlisted as a Ranger Aspirant. She shall than pass the Guide Pravesh test, if she is not already a Guide. She shall then take the Guide Promise and Subscribe to the Guide Law and then she will be enrolled as a Ranger. If she is already a Guide she shall reaffirm the Guide Promise.
  • There are three stages in the career of a Ranger namely:
    1. Ranger Aspirant
    2. Ranger
    3. Ranger -in-Service
  • A Boy/Girl on completion of 16 years of age is eligible to be Rover/Ranger after three months of joining Crew/Team. He/she shall be known as Pravesh Rover/Ranger.
  • A “Pravesh Rover/Ranger” is eligible to become a Nipun Rover/Ranger” after completing six month and achieve certificate badge after qualifying through the concerned syllabus. This certificate has the weightage of a state level certificate.
  • After completing one year, a National Level Certificate “Rashtrapati Award” is given.
  • After achieving Rashtrapati award- Rover/Rangers can continue in the unit for passing various proficiency badges up to 25 years of age as a regular student.



Rovers/Rangers provide various types of training related to the personality development like leadership, discipline, social service, disaster management, first aid, fire fighting, community development programme, civil defense and environment conservation etc. through camps at district/state/national level.


Rangers promote and participate in the various activities like Youth Development, Mission Shakti, Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, environmental conservation and plantation, adult literacy and education, sanitation and cleanliness of community and so on. World Population Day (11 July), Independence Day, National Harmony Day(20 August), World Non-Violence Day, National Integration Day(31 October), Bharat Scout Guide Foundation Day (7 November), World Aids Day (1 December), Youth Day (12 Jan), Voters Awareness Day (25 Jan), World Scout Day/Thinking Day (22 Feb), Women’s Day (8 march), World Health Day (7 April), Environment Day (5 June), Yoga Day (21 June ) etc. Hiking & Trekking and various adventure camps are also organized regularly at State/National level. There are opportunities to participate in International Programmes.



  • College Level, Inter College Level, Inter University level, State Level Inter college Rover/Ranger moot/meet.
  • National level Uprashtrapati Shield competition.
  • National level Rover/Ranger moot/meet
  • To participate in Various Camps expenditure is borne by the college funds. Expenditure at the National Level Camps is borne by Scout Guide National Association.



Ranger leader/ In-charge Pragya Ranger team:

Mr. Shiv Kumar, Assistant Professor of Psychology (since September 2017 to till now)

Senior Ranger mate: Km. Savita Rawat – B. A. III


Report of Activities - 2017-18 - 2021-22

Year 2021-22
Year 2020-21
Year 2019-20
Year 2018-19
Year 2017-18