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The college follows the procedures of evaluation as instructed by Veer Bahadurl Singh Purvanchal University.

In accordance with the provisions mentioned in the National Education Policy-2020 by the college, the format of examination question papers for the first semester (session 2021-22) and the arrangements related to the conduct of the examination are determined as follows -

  • Examination of 100 marks will be conducted for each question paper related to all the subjects like – 03 major subjects, 01 elective subject, 01 vocational subject and 01 compulsory co-curricular subject. The examination of practical work related to practical subjects will be of 100 marks.
  • According to the government order, in the sequence of the arrangement provided in the context of ACADEMIC BANK OF CREDITS UP, the student will get credit in all subjects considering the arrangement mentioned in the UGC GUIDELINES ON ADOPTION OF (CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM) available on the University Grants Commission (UGC) website as standard. The marks obtained will be converted into comparative credit points / grade points by the university.
  • The examination of 03 major subjects and 01 elective subject will be conducted on the basis of 25 percent continuous internal evaluation (by the college) and 75 percent external evaluation (by the university).


Internal Evaluation


For Graduation (B.A. & B.Sc.)

As decided by the university the internal evaluation will be of 25 marks for each course/paper.  The distribution of 25 marks related to continuous internal assessment of 04 major subjects and 01 elective subject will be as follows –

A. Attendance : 

05 marks will be set for the relative presence of the student, which will be distributed in this way

(i) 05 marks relative to 95% - 100% attendance to the student
(ii) 04 marks relative to 85% - 94% attendance
(iii) 03 marks relative to 80- 84% attendance
(iv) 02 marks relative to 75% - 79% attendance
Pre-requisites related to the compulsion of 75% attendance of the student to appear in the examination the prevailing rule will remain the same.

(v)  If a student is given relaxation against 75% attendance as prescribed under the University Statues, given on particular circumstances then the student would obtain only 1 marks for attendance.

B. Assignment :

05 marks will be fixed for the assignment and assignment presentation given to the student. In this context, the evaluation system will be as follows-

(i) Each student will have to submit an asignment of 500-1500 words in handwritten or printed format on any topic related to the curriculum of each question paper, which will be evaluated within 05 marks by the subject professor.

(ii) If the faculty members consider it appropriate, the student can also be encouraged to make a PPT presentation regarding the assignment. In such a case, distribution of prescribed 05 marks will be done on the basis of separate evaluation of submitted assignment and presentation.


C. Mid-Term Exam :

15 marks will be determined relative to the mid-semester-class test (sessional test) of the student in the concerned subject. In subject wise every student will have to appear for 15 marks Mid-Semester Test (Sessional Test) separately for each paper. This examination will have to be completed by the college under the internal arrangement. The format of the question paper for this test will be as follows:

(i) Total 05 questions in the question paper will have to be answered in the time duration of 1: 00 hours.

(ii) 2 marks will be fixed for the first question and the structure of the question will be such that the student can answer it in 10-20 words.

(iii) 03-03 marks will be fixed for the second, third and fourth question and the structure of the question will be such that the student can answer it in 40-50 words.

(iv) 04 marks will be fixed for the fifth question and the structure of the question will be such that the student can answer it in 70-80 words.


D. Evaluation of student's mid-semester-class test (sessional test) and other arrangements related to examination will be determined internally by the college as follows-

(i) The mid-semester class test (sessional test) of each subject will be conducted by the concerned subject teacher of the college as per the time table decided.

(ii) Subject teachers will do relative evaluation of the answers marked by the student, that is, if the student has written half the correct answer to a question, then he will be given half of the prescribed marks for that question.

(iii) For the Sessional Class Test, each student will maintain a 20-page register for each subject separately on which he will mark her/his answers to the questions. On the first page of the register of each subject, the student shall clearly mention his/her name, title of the subject/question paper, roll number, college registration number (if any). After the test, this register will be submitted to the college for evaluation.

(iv) After evaluation, the answer sheet/test register will be displayed to the student to see the distribution of her/his marks and after observation, her/his signature will also be done on the answer sheet/test register and the register will be deposited in the college. If the student has any kind of query regarding the allotted marks, it will be resolved by the subject teacher.

(v) Separate register will be used by the student for each semester's sessional class test.

(vi) the question paper prepared by the concerned subject teacher for the sessional class test will be written on the blackboard of the examination hall at the beginning of the examination, and the students will be instructed to copy the same questions on the second page of their answer book. An additional time of 15 minutes will be provided for this work in the prescribed 01 hour of the examination period.

(vii) Except the language related subject, the language of the question paper (Hindi or English or Hindi-English both) will be decided by the subject teacher on the basis of linguistic convenience of the student group.

(viii) The answer books of the sessional class test will be evaluated by the subject teacher with the help of red ink pen in the college premises only. Answer books will not be allowed to be taken home for evaluation. The evaluation work will be compulsorily done within a week after the end of the sessional class test.

(ix) Time table of sessional class test, preparation of question paper, arrangement of examination hall after the test, evaluation work within the stipulated time, making available the marks to the university in the stipulated period and monitoring of other related examination works will be done by the principal of the college herself/ himself or by appointing a competent professor for this work whose information will be made available to the Controller of Examinations.

(x) After the evaluation of the answer sheets of the sessional class test, the score of the concerned subjects will have to be made available to the university through online medium and two copies of the mark sheet will be prepared, one copy of which will be made available to the university in original, countersigned by the principal or the professor nominated by him and also keep a copy safe in the college. In relation to the related arrangements, separate notification will be issued by the university in order of every semester.


End Semester Exam



Mechanism for Internal Evaluation (2021-22) - Click here

                The institution has transparent and robust evaluation process in terms of frequency and mode. In order to ensure transparency in internal assessment, the system of internal assessment is communicated with the students well on time using digital tools. To ensure effective implementation of the evaluation process at the entry level, admissions are given purely on merit basis and the lists of merit students are displayed on Notice board. Students who are admitted for the concerned course are assessed continuously through various evaluation processes at college and University level. Continuous evaluation is made through Group Discussion, Unit Tests, Assignments Submission, Field Visit / Field Work and Seminars Presentation. The performance of the students are displayed on the Notice Boards. Students appearing for Second /third year are asked to deliver the seminars of the concerned subject. Teachers direct students to prepare power point presentation. For transparent and robust  internal assessment, the following mechanisms are followed           

  1. Constitution of Internal Examination Committee.
  2. Question Paper Setting.
  3. Conduct of Examination.
  4. Constitution of flying squad.
  5. Monitoring through CCTV cameras.

The seminar presentation improves the communication skills of the students.






Students' Grievances and Redressal