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Use of ICT


Use of ICT


Faculty members of our college use numerous ICT tools like- Google meet, zoom, Google Forms, Cisco-Webex, projectors, OBS, YouTube, social media, etc.

  1. ICT helps students to develop new skills and become morecreative. ICT stimulates the development of imagination as well as initiative. It is a valuable tool for producing work, both in terms of content and form.
  2. It improves students’ academic performance their classroom experience also improves substantially.
  3. Motivation and attention levels are increased, contributing to greater effective learning.
  4. Increases students' responsibility and sense of autonomy.
  5. Students use the Tablet as a work tool at home, which gives rise to the incorporation of new learning methodologies, online education, flipped classrooms, etc…
  6. To increase interest,resources such as videos, websites, graphics, and games are shared in the WhatsApp group of students. Multimedia content is also shared as part of the blended learning process.
  7. Collaborative work is clearly enhanced with the different digital tools. It is easier than ever to create team projects, cooperate and learn from each other.
  8. Close dialogue between students and teachers is encouraged through different channels, in a more spontaneous and less formal way.


Criteria 2.3.1 

Year 2020-21
Year 2021-22


Criteria 2.3.2