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Sports and Games


Sports Students' Participation File: Click Here


Participation in sports brings students together, irrespective of their varying backgrounds. It opens the minds of students and makes them susceptible to new ideas. Students consciously or unconsciously let go of mental hurdles and become open to learning. Sporting activities provide mental and physical therapy for learners and rejuvenate them so that they can be in their best mental and physical condition. Besides, sports foster the spirit of competition amongst learners and enhances the spirit of winning as the learners are driven by the spirit to win in any sport. It also teaches them sportsman spirit.

The college is committed to developing a sporting culture amidst students. The campus of the college boosts of two dedicated fields for outdoor sports activities like football, cricket, volleyball and athletics, besides a basketball court. Similarly, the second campus also has a sports field, badminton courts and a basketball court.

The college has adequate facilities for indoor games like badminton, table tennis, chess, karate, judo and taekwondo. These in-house sports facilities for students provide them with an opportunity to develop their abilities, willpower and self-discipline.


The College provides a cricket ground that is maintained in by the authorities. The full-fledged area available for practice provides the aspiring students the chance to reach the next level. The training focuses on improvement of overall skills of the player. With many famous alumni that have benefitted from the facilities, the college leaves no stone unturned in providing the best infrastructure and coaching.



The College is rightly famed to provide the finest amenities of sports equipment to its students. The badminton court is equipped with all the latest types of equipment and is well managed by the authorities. Along with the necessary facilities, the college also provides a sufficient seating capacity for the players to enjoy a cheerful audience. The college has talented and fine shuttlers whose hard work and dedication always bring glory to the college. college gives the best guidance and encourages all the athletes to enhance their skills and performance in sports


The College has world class gymnasium facilities in the campus. It has all the modern and requisite facilities for students to take part in the process of maintaining and developing their physique and health. It has facilities for cardio exercises as well as strength and core exercises. It has all the equipment for weightlifting exercises with free weights of different classes. The Campus also provides the facilities of locker rooms and a changing area. The College's Physical Education and Sports department has a trained specialist to guide and train the students and athletes for their best development and nutritional needs.


A very important aspect of fitness is strength, flexibility, and balance, and the College understands that there is no better way, other than yoga, to develop all of these. The Yoga team has become the reason for pride for the College at various national level tournaments. The Yoga Room of the college provides a well oxygenated place with a perfectly well-lit environment without any disturbances like sound, becoming a peaceful haven for the practitioners. The department encourages all the students, teaching and non-teaching staff at the College to learn and perform yoga to rejuvenate them. The departmental society regularly conducts yoga and meditation sessions along with competitions for all students and staff members. Every year yoga week is celebrated on the eve of International yoga day to inculcate yoga in the daily lives of every member of the College.