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The health of each member of this college is given utmost importance. Being a women’s college makes it even more important, as today’s girls will be tomorrow's women and creators of the next generation. Numerous measures are being undertaken to ensure their physical and mental well-being.

  • Health centre & facility of O.P.D.is available on campus.
  • Two medical officers from the Government Hospitalare available on campus every Wednesday, Thursday, and on the need basis.
  • Availability of general medicines for those students who can’t afford on their own.
  • First aid amenities are availableon the campus
  • Creation of “Health Club” has been done at the college level to sensitizestudents about health and its well-being by organizing Yoga camps, meditation sessions, lectures, and seminars on different preventable health issues throughout the year
  • General Health check-up camps for students and staffare organized by the Physical education department.
  • Nutrition Awareness camps are also being organized by the Home Science department
  • Free health check-ups in collaboration with Ayurveda Hospital.
  • Awareness programs on women’s health are organized by Women Empowerment Cell
  • Medical insurance scheme for faculty members and non-teaching staff.

Figure 1 Salad Cuts & Decoration

Figure 2 Physical Activity to Stay Healthy

Figure 3 Health Check-Up of Students by the Doctors

Figure 4 Yoga Camp