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Institution Innovation Council (IIC)

In order to run  the Institution Innovation Council (IIC) the college has formed a following committe:



Dr. Akbare Azam Advisor
Dr. Diwakar Mishra Coordinator
Dr. Shambhu Sharan Prasad Member
Dr. Niranjan Kumar Yadav Member
Mr. Shiv Kumar Member


The college is working on following tasks to create an innovative ecosystem to work, create and transfer of the knowledge:
  1. The automation of the college library has given access to books and e-books for professors and students in an easier manner.
  2. Professors who have not done research work (Ph.D.) in the college are encouraged to do research. Along with this, the process of getting permission to do research work has been simplified.
  3. Faculty and students are encouraged to participate in the seminars/workshops.
  4. Invited lectures on various subjects and themes are organized in the college.
  5. Students are given the task of making assignments/projects related to their subject on contemporary innovative topics, by which they connect with the process of innovation, creation and transfer of knowledge.
  6. Computer lab is established in the college where the process of accessing virtual knowledge has been made easier by giving technical training to all students.
  7. The students are given an opportunity to exchange ideas by organizing seminars on different days.
  8. A study center has been established in the institute for open and distance education or MOOCs courses.
  9.  Efforts are being made by the college to promote innovation at every level for teaching and research works and non-teaching activities and assignments.
  10. Work from home and online teaching has been done during COVID-19 pandemic.
  11. The college introduces a number of webinars rather than seminars in person, e-publication, e-awareness programmes, digital platforms for learning and has continued these practices even in post pandemic era.