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Bharti Hostel was established in the year 2001 with the purpose of providing homely atmosphere to the girl students coming from far-flung places. Full of greenery and shaded by Ashok trees the hostel avails attractive environment for the study.


The hostel has the capacity to provide accommodation to 32 students. Each room is 4 seater in which each student is given a bed, a stool, a chair, a table, and a rack. There is 24 hours electricity and water supply facility in the campus. The use of heater and cooler is prohibited.

There are 6 toiletries on both sides of the hostel along with sanitary vending machine, incinerator facility. The drinking water is availed through a water cooler with RO facility. The students can use their laptop and computer in their room. The hostel has a common room with TV - DTH connection facility and a newspaper in Hindi. For the physical development of the girl students, the gym facility has been provided.

Hostel mess

Hostel mess has a seating capacity of 30 students.

Day care centre

The working women of the college face the challenge to look after their children as they are engaged in their job. Therefore, the college has created a day care centre in the hostel campus where the children of the female teachers are looked after.


Life in the Hostel
Hostel is an important part of the college as there is hostel facility for girl students in government degree colleges of Ghazipur. It provides a liberal, nurturing environment, a home away from home. Every day at 7:30 in the evening, the attendance of the students is taken by the warden. The students are not allowed to go outside of the campus after 6:00 pm. If any student has to go out for personal work at day then information has to be entered in the register.

Hostel Administration

The day to day functioning is taken care of by 2 Hostel Wardens. The hostel administrative team includes the Principal, Teacher Representatives on the Hostel Committee, and the Hostel Wardens.



Mobile No.

Email ID

Prof. Savita Bhardwaj




Prof. Anita Kuari




Dr. Sarika Singh




Prof. Umashankar Prasad




Mr. Ekhlakh Khan




Mr. R.S. Kushwaha