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Placement and Counselling

The college has an active Placement Cell which helps the students in achieving their true potential in the present day competitive ecosystem.The Career Guidance & Placement Cell attempts to create awareness on various job opportunities in public and private sectors, opportunities of fellowships and chances for pursuing higher education.The Cell works with an aim to nurture an ecosystem that promotes democratic values, inclusiveness of diverse people and cultures, and freedom of expression and creativity. Training programmes are conducted to improve the soft skills of the students, make them employable and self-dependent.

The cell works with all departments to create awareness and organise training and workshop for students to enhance the capability. In near future the Abhyuday Coaching Classes (exclusively for girl students) for competitive exam is going to start with the financial and logistic support from Government of U.P.

Experts from different areas are invited for talk in extension lectures. After pandemic opportunities get increased as the cell organises activities in hybrid mode with industrialists and corporates. The cell also has ambitions to organise job fair for women in the college premises.


This cell also adheres to the motivational and counselling services for socio-psychological complications of students of the college.


Teacher in- charge:

Dr.Santan Kumar Ram, Dept. of Geography – 8005134346

Mr. Shiv Kumar, Dept. of Psychology- 9415645213

Dr.Vikash Singh, Dept. of Ancient History- 9415647179


Students Qualified and Selected for Jobs


List of Students: Download


Students' Progression to Higher Education


Record of Students Progression to Higher Education Between 2017-18 to 20121-21 : Click Here


Certificates, Degrees and Admit Cards (Progression) : Click Here


Coaching and Guidance



There is also has a branch of ABHYUDAY coaching within the college campus. It is an initiative taken by UP government to provide a conducive platfarm for the aspirants of various competitive exams.