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Green Space




As the education system is seen as an agent of change to the rest of the society, this makes colleges and students even more responsible towards our environment. Be it the green cover, the use of natural resources to conserve energy, or to aware students and make themenvironment-conscious this college has always been an environment-conscious body. For making our environment more sustainable, this college is also taking a few tiny but important steps.


Solar Energy Panels

Due to plenty of sunlight, solar works best in this region of the state. So, this college has installed solar plants to use and conserve renewable energy.


Oxygen Points

A rich variety of flora and fauna predominates the natural landscape of the campus. Numerous plants and trees have been planted in the campus like maximum oxygen-producingPeepal, medicinal properties carrying Neem, fruit trees like mango, guava, jamun and other trees like Ashoka, Banyan, Rubber. These trees breathe out oxygen and keep the environment safe and clean.


E-learning/digital library:

Rain water harvesting:

Water scarcity is aserious problem worldwide putting the coming generation at risk. Over usage of water in agriculture, in industries, and pollutionof the available water resources are the major factors responsible for the scarcity.The runoff from the terrace of the collegebuilding is channelized into a recharge well near the academic block’s end.


Compost is a mixture of ingredients used to fertilize and improve the soil. In the campus, food scraps, grass clippings, and leaves are being used for making inexpensive compost for nurturing the flora in the campus.

Medicinal & Herbal Garden:

The college has established and maintained herbal garden within the campus with various species of important medicinal and aromatic plants, under the guidance of the management and professionally competent faculty.Plants are irrigated with water almost everyday. Efforts are still on to increase the present numbers. Various trees and herbs are marked with their common names and basic therapeutic uses so that the common man can easily understand the importance of medicinal uses of herbs functions. For clear and easy identification nameplates of the plants with local and botanical names are placed to help the students and public.


Use of bicycle & Battery-operated vehicles:

The students and staff are encouraged to use bicycle and battery-operated vehicles to reduce the pollution generated by using motor vehicles.

Waste Water Usage:

The discarded water of the water purifier is being used for watering plants and gardens in the campus.

No Plastic Campus:

Single-use plastic is completely banned in the campus. Students are requested to bring their food and water in the steel boxes and bottles to make the campus plastic free.

Waste Management and Clean campus:

The environment club strives to promote the awareness among students to keep their campus clean and green. Students are requested to throw the waste material in the colour-coded dustbins accordingly.

Camps and programs:

Time to time camps and programs relevant to the environment are being organized to make students more environment-conscious. Various competitions like quizzes, poster, slogan, essay and paintings etc. have been organized on the occasion ofInternational Environment Day and National Pollution control Day.


Paperless Campus:

All office works are promoted to perform on a paperless concept by the digital display of all the notices and information through mail, Google groups, WhatsApp Groups, Google classrooms, etc. as much as possible. High-speed Wi-Fi facility is also provided for this. Other practices like, re-use of one-sided paper for notes, sketches, rough work, rough printouts, etc.; cashless transactions, smart classes, use of WhatsApp group to distribute class notes and submitting assignments are a few more steps to help in reducing paper use.

e-Waste management:

The campus stores electrical and electronic wastes and hands them over periodically to scrap dealers to ensure proper recycling of e-waste.

Organic food preparation:

Only vegetarian and Organic food preparation is done in the Hostel mess and college canteen to reduce non-biodegradable waste in the campus and to make the campus eco-friendly.

Teachers and other college staff are also encouraged and requested to use glass or steel bottles instead of plastic ones.

New Plantation:

New plants and trees are also being planted in the campus to make the campus green and more sustainable.